Thursday, June 7, 2007

Civil Unions are Inadequate

The New York Times agrees, judging from the editorial in today's issue.

What do you think?

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Charley said...

Of course it is inadequate because it denies us glbt's Federal benefits allowed to other married couples. Clinton signed DOMA into law giving states the power to define marriage. A political move catering to religious "traditional family" voters. He did not have to sign it, and could have insisted on Barney Frank's amendment that would still allow for Federal benefits for same sex couples. He threw us gays under the bus by denying us full rights under the Constitution.
He should be held accountable as well as dear wife, the Hil.....She is trying to pull the same stunt, by not mentioning DOMA, and saying faith in god pulled her through the marriage. Bill didn't even mention DOMA in his autobiographical book, like it wasn't important, but it is a hugely important document that turned us into second class citizens.