Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More on Trans Medical Deduction Case

While the O'Donnabhain trial is temporarily in recess, the case, Rhiannon, and the GLAD attorneys representing her continue to receive supportive press (read this editorial from David Yas of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly) and feedback. Thanks to all who have written such supportive and encouraging emails and comments.

Clearly this case is affecting many people. Here is a sampling of the comments we've received:

"Thank you for representing Rhiannon in this US Tax Court Case. It will affect me as well. I have an almost parallel journey to hers, was navy though 24 years."

"I am a bisexual cisgendered female resident of Massachusetts currently dating a hopeful Male-to-Female transgendered bisexual woman who I love very much and support strongly in her pursuit of aligning her sex with her gender. As such, I am so pleased that GLAD is supporting the transgender community in such a strong way. Bennett Klein as well as all of the other amazing GLAD contributors have my thanks and encouragement."

"GLAD is like a pit bull. You better look out if they decide to sink their teeth into you, even if you're the Internal Revenue Service."

Looking for help?
GLAD's Legal InfoLine offers help for individuals in the New England area dealing with legal issues related to their gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and/or HIV status. If you have concerns or questions, visit our Legal InfoLine online for more information on the resources GLAD can provide.

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