Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DOMA Lawyer Airs the Issues Online

When they’re not busy writing and filing briefs and other petitions related to either of our two DOMA lawsuits – and there seem to be many filings lately, as the cases inch toward resolution – our DOMA legal team tries to find time to do public education about this discriminatory law’s effect on married same-sex couples.

Today, GLAD Senior Staff Attorney Vickie Henry has a guest post up at Peter Reilly’s Passive Activities blog over at Forbes.com. The post discusses what steps seniors in same-sex marriages can take now to preserve their rights regarding Social Security so that when DOMA is finally tossed out – either in the courts or by Congress – they’ll be better able to access the fullest array possible of benefits. As Vickie writes in her post, “It’s not too soon to start planning for the day of DOMA’s undoing.”

In the meantime, we’re working hard to overturn DOMA as soon as possible, and crossing our fingers that the U.S. Supreme Court will accept the petitions for review in our Gill lawsuit. Will this case be heard in the Court’s 2012-2013 session? Stay tuned.

When you’re done with Vickie’s Social Security post, peruse Peter’s blog and check out his older posts on DOMA and other LGBT issues. With its emphasis on tax issues and other financial topics – Peter is a CPA and a Massachusetts resident -- Passive Activities usually has a unique angle on the issues we’re litigating, so you’ll always learn something new.

My favorite is the post in which he compared GLAD to the iconic fictional attorney Perry Mason.

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