Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Behind the (Event) Wizard’s Curtain

By Savannah Hughes, Special Events Intern 

Get ready for a “behind-the-scenes” look at special events at GLAD. With three new interns, the events team has more than doubled this year. We’re the bells and whistles people - we make sure everything runs smoothly by managing data, engaging with donors, and investigating great places for events. We’ll be regularly blogging about what we’re focused on and what’s on the horizon.

Meet the team who will be bringing you all of these amazing GLAD events:

Jennie Robbiano, Special Events Intern, is working with us full-time so she’s getting her hands on a wide array of development projects and is excited to learn about the ‘backstage’ world of non-profits at GLAD. Originally from Upstate New York, Jennie is currently in her second year at Northeastern University studying International Affairs and Religious Studies .She’s a vegan, loves to sew in her spare time, and has a cat named Spike.

Molly Paul, Special Events Intern, is focusing her 20 hours a week on producing our most successful Summer Party auction ever. She is a 4th year student at Northeastern University, studying Sociology and Jewish Studies. She came to GLAD to not only gain experience in non-profit development work, but to become a part of an organization and a movement about which she is passionate. In her spare time Molly kicks butt on the Northeastern Women's Rugby team and teaches a Jewish Outdoors class to a group of 8th graders at a synagogue in Newton.  

Rachel Rapoza, Special Events Coordinator, is the events teams’ “mission controller” as she deftly juggles between competing priorities, including logistics for regional events and staffing the Spirit of Justice Award Dinner Committee. She joined GLAD in September 2010 after graduating from Hamilton College with a degree in Classics. At Hamilton, she was involved in the school’s LGBT alliance, Classics Club, and served as the captain of the varsity ice hockey and softball teams. Rachel’s commitment to volunteering introduced her to many non-profit organizations, and she gained previous development experience through an internship at the Human Rights Campaign. In her free time, she enjoys playing hockey and listening to oldies.

Robbie Samuels, Senior Manager of Events and Donor Engagement, is psyched to have so much help as he oversees the 25 events on GLAD’s 2013 calendar. Robbie works with the entire development department to keep our major donors invested in and informed about GLAD’s work, and engages with donors motivated specifically by GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project. With a background that includes working with nonprofits on the grassroots, regional and national levels, Robbie brings extensive event planning and fundraising experience to his management of GLAD’s successful annual event program. Robbie’s other passions include organizing Socializing for Justice - a cross-issue progressive network in Boston, advocating for an anti-racist LGBT movement, and sharing his experience as an openly trans staff member to educate others. He holds a BA and an MSW from SUNY Stony Brook. Learn more about Robbie.

Savannah Hughes, Special Events Intern. During my 20 hours a week at GLAD, I’ll be managing mailings and data entry and keeping everyone informed about events through social media. My other life is studying Political Communications at Emerson College, but I’m looking forward to learning the ‘behind the scenes’ of event production at GLAD. Outside work, you might find me baking or watching something on Netflix. And if you see me out at a GLAD event, feel free to strike up a conversation in French or Spanish (or English!) or share a good (bad) knock-knock joke.

Stay tuned for a missive from Molly…

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